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MARCH DRAFT minutes to be POSTED


Each month, near the end of the month N1PZB, Gary Webster will be posting the minutes of the previous month's meeting here. Members can click MEETING MINUTES above to review them BEFORE our next meeting's approval vote. ANYTHING can be changed-added-or deleted, and when approved will be posted as FINAL.

NEW ROSTER for 2018...coming soon to the MEMBERS ONLY PAGE


Every Friday evening from 7:30 pm to approx. 9:00pm, you are invited to attend the VBARC ELMER/ PROJECT night at Craig's (W4PHJ) house located on 1386 15th Avenue (behind VBHS).  Whether a seasoned "old timer"  or a new HAM, there is something for everyone. It is also known as "KIT NIGHT", as one Friday might be dedicated to programming a radio OR putting together a Fox Hunt antenna  OR just " Please show me how to operate this radio !"


   Enjoy a couple of hours with your fellow    

                  local hams..... BUT.....


                  "XYL APPROVAL IS NEEDED"....bring your