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September, 2019 DRAFT minutes ARE POSTED

August, 2019 FINAL minutes ARE POSTED

Each month, near the end of the month N1PZB, Gary Webster will be posting the minutes of the previous month's meeting here. Members can click MEETING MINUTES above to review them BEFORE our next meeting's approval vote. ANYTHING can be changed-added-or deleted, and when approved will be posted as FINAL.


 FINAL ROSTER OF 2019 is now posted

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"KIT Night"

on Friday Night....



see you there at

Craig's W4PHJ moneypit


What is Winlink

• Global email by radio, in concert with the Internet, or entirely by RF

• Not intended to replace other email methods except…

On the high seas

During emergencies

• Packet-based

• Famous for disaster and emergency relief e.g. The Caribbean 2017

• Widely used for EmComm by EOCs, FEMA, Homeland Security, Government Agencies

• Built and maintained entirely by volunteers

• Twenty years old

• Supported by Amateur Radio Safety Foundation Inc. (ARSFI)

• Radio access to host of services especially weather (Winlink Catalog Requests)

• Location reporting (See

• Free but a donation to ARSFI appropriate, and nice to use Amazon Smile

• Much more at

Why Winlink

• Email when all else fails

• Complete and documented reports not sketchy phone messages

• Send and receive clear and referenceable instructions

• Communicate specific information e.g. medical support, supplies, health and welfare

messages, utility outages

• “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen”

How to Use Winlink

• VHF / UHF / HF / Telnet all possible

• Choosing a mode

VHF better choice for a local network - shelter HF deployment unrealistic

HF likely to fly over close stations - yet, required for long distance contact

“Ideal” station has both

• For the first message leg or all of them

RF to Radio Message Server (RMS)

Internet from RMS for delivery worldwide

Radio-only relay if Internet is not available

RF Peer to Peer for two-parties

Local Winlink networks by radio e.g. hurricane activation

Use Internet for higher speed while it is available (Telnet)

Digipeaters will expand range

Getting Started and Going

• Download “Winlink Express Install” from

• Set up account with amateur call sign - Must use Winlink Express for this

• A little donation? The right thing to do, and brings a registration key

• Use Telnet to become acquainted with Winlink - no new equipment needed

• Get up to speed

See Rick Frost K4REF series here

Excellent reference material from the Master, Phil Sherrod W4PHS at

• Decide what additional equipment, if any, is needed

Take plenty of time with new hardware decisions to avoid mistakes

Some radios already have built-in sound card or TNC

Handheld w/o external antenna and amplifier may not perform reliably

Re equipment - Important to understand Packets must be clear or will be rejected

• Learn about report forms imbedded in Winlink e.g., ICS Documents (Message, Templates)

• Training by regular practice - “Test messages” with others, Net checkins, Event Support

• Winlink for Go-Kits - County and Personal

• High-tower, hardened RMS(s) essential for EmComm


07 June 2018